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Perfect Heating & Air is a Small, Family Owned and Operated Business located in Beautiful Poway.  Our Mission is to provide customers the Best Prices Possible, Excellent Customer Service and Quality Products.  We are committed to quality, honesty and reliability.  As a fully Licensed and Insured company you can welcome us into your home with peace of mind.   

We are dedicated to serving our customer's needs, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  We strive to bring you the best in quality service and installation.  If something isn't right, let us know and we'll fix it.

Service Calls

A Service Call is a Diagnostic Service appointment.  Service Call fees begin at $109.  We start troubleshooting as soon as we arrive.  Please check our troubleshooting page before scheduling as we want to rule out DIY fixes such as, tripped breakers or clogged filters.  Click on our TROUBLESHOOTING page to see more information on that.     

Preventative Maintenance is a non diagnostic appointment. If you are in need of regular maintenance and your system is in good working condition, this is the appointment for you.

These appointments are $109 for one system or $160 for both A/C & Furnace, same appointment. Refrigerant, if needed is extra. Please note: If your system is having any kind of issue, you'll need a Service Call to troubleshoot and repair the issue before scheduling for Preventative Maintenance.  

We cover all aspects of Residential HVAC.  Including but not limited to Installation or Change Outs of Basic to Energy  Efficient Systems. Complete design for existing homes or custom design for ground up projects.  Replacement and or repair of ducting, however, we do not clean ducting.  We also do service and maintenance on all brands, makes and models.  

We've installed new systems for multiple companies in and around Poway. We also provide service and repair for most major brand Commercial Units.  


Some of our Commercial Clients include, Jeff Franklin Plumbing, Advanced Animal Hospital on Poway Road, California Maintenance Services in the Business District

and  Meridian Property Management Company as well as many Real Estate Agents in and outside of the Poway Area.

Latest Reviews from our YELP page!
  • Charles K.

  • San Diego, CA

  • 0

  • 5

  • *****


  • We returned home on Saturday, New Year's Eve, to find our furnace had died while we were gone. Trying to get someone out to fix it during the holidays was an exercise in futility. I called the company that installed it, they said they would call us back, but didn't.

    Then on Sunday, New Years Day, my wife suggested trying some of the DIY YouTube videos on troubleshooting furnaces. I logged into one site and the technician was very good and led me to test the flame sensor (it was good) and ignitor (that was the culprit). The tech said that the home warehouses would carry a replacement ignitor. Nope, you have to order it for delivery in 10 days - the same time frame if I had ordered it myself.

    On Monday after the holiday, I called one of the HVAC companies that advertised on TV. They sent someone out on Tuesday, and they verified my diagnosis. But they wanted to replace the entire furnace - it was out of warranty, you know, and it might fail soon. I thanked them and wrote them a check for the service call.

    Then when my wife was playing Mahjongg, one of the players recommended Perfect H&A. I called Audra and Chris and made sure they had the ignitor on hand, and we scheduled a service call for Wednesday, the next day. Chris arrived early, and in less than an hour replaced the part, installed a new filter, and tested it out. Perfect!

    So, after 4 days and nights of living next to a small space heater, it was heaven. What more can I say. They were helpful when we needed them and didn't try to scalp us with the repair price. Perfect is now our go-to HVAC company. Thanks for your help, Chris and Audra.

  • Jennifer D. 

  • Poway, CA

  • 0

  • 10

  • *****


  • I always recommend Perfect Heating and Air because I've heard good things about the company and I like to support local businesses.  They recently put in my neighbor's air conditioning and the price was VERY reasonable!  They are also super responsive and professional.  Recently I needed their help! Audra got back to me very quickly and managed to get me an appointment the next day (thank goodness as it was 85° in my house).  It was a quick fix and luckily I didn't need a new air conditioner. This company is honest, professional, and reliable, I can't say enough good things about them!



       Susan S.

  • San Diego, CA

  • 0

  • 3

  • *****


  • As the other reviews indicate Perfect Heating and Air are great!  Chris and Audra seem to truly care about the people in the community offering friendly, prompt and honest service.  What we appreciate most about them is that they never try and sell you more than you need and charge a reasonable and fair price.

  • Barbara .

  • San Diego, CA

  • 0

  • 6

  • *****


  • Wholehearted recommendation for this company, a small, family-owned business that is responsive, attentive, careful, and expert. They knew what an excellent job looked like, and did whatever that required, whether it had been detailed in the work order or not. They removed my AC unit, furnace and old attic ducting, replacing with a high-efficiency air handler, heat pump, wifi thermostat, and insulated ducting, with all the hauling, wiring, surge protection and breakers this entailed. They added an air intake vent I forgot to ask for, they bracketed down a drainage pipe the last contractor left on the dirt. They cared. I interviewed a number of companies, one of which was capable, but so big and so swamped it did not follow up or handle details well. Perfect Heating and Air answered every question, provided enthused customers I could query (I am now one of them), and worked patiently and thoroughly, even finishing a day early. I thought the price for the job was fair; after seeing their work ethic and their quiet competence, I am not sure they charge enough! When I got my final invoice, it included a date and time next year for a complementary check-up on the system. They have a family pride in what they do, and it shows.

  • Gregg M.

  • Poway, CA

  • 12

  • 199

  • 37

  • *****


  • I really can't say enough good things about Perfect Heating and Air and I love that I was able to work with a family-owned business.
    We've lived in our house for about three years and although I replace our filter regularly, I had never really had our HVAC system serviced. After poking my head in and seeing how dirty the blower motor was, I knew it was time for a thorough cleaning of the motor and coil. 
    I reached out to Perfect Heating and Air since they had good reviews and are also located in Poway and I believe I spoke to Audra. Audra was very kind and informative and didn't seem bothered by my incessant rambling about how little I know about HVAC systems. After a brief visit by Chris last week, I received a quote the following day which presented what seemed like a good price considering I didn't know the last time everything had been service and inspected.

    Chris came by today and arrived at the exact time he was scheduled to start and quickly began disassembling and cleaning everything. The whole process took about 3 hours which is less than what they told me it would take and I feel much better running my AC now as we transition into the hotter months. Although our unit is old, I feel like it's been brought back to life and I don't feel skeptical about running it.

    Really appreciate the open lines of communication, promptness and professionalism afforded to my wife and I by PH&A.

    On a side note: Since this transaction took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris took necessary steps and wore an N95 mask the entire time he was here. Additionally, he wore shoe booties and made sure he took them off when going outside and on when he was inside. 

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